Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A present to myself.

I have this habit of putting things into my Etsy cart and deliberating for days and weeks over them. Whether I'm shopping for beads or findings or even just something fun and cute, I can never allow myself to just hit "pay now" when I have the funds available. I don't know if it's guilt or self-torment, but I'm just generally reticent about spending money on something until I'm 1000% sure I want it. Conversely, send me into Target and I could justify almost anything I put into my cart (except this). I don't get it.

Nevertheless, I've had the same item in my cart for a few weeks now, and whenever it sells I go back and add its replacement. I decided, though, that my desk at work hasn't really changed since I started here four years ago, and it is high time I treat myself to new decor. Theoretically I could've been inspired by this IKEA hack, or all the cute stuff I see everywhere that I talk myself out of because I don't have any room left. So anyway, I ordered this print FINALLY and I'm so happy because it's freakin' adorable. I will consider this my inspiration for a desk renovation in the next month or so. Anything to make things a little more chipper during the busiest season of my work year, I say.

$20 at dazeychic over on Etsy.

Next on my list, birdie with a french fry!

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