Monday, February 2, 2009

Pretty Little Fings!!

Welcome to Day 1 of my attempt at more attentive and focused blogging. Hooray!

We begin this journey with a tale about a new friend, a new colleague and a restored sense of childlike glee. I think craft makers and lovers alike were bummed out at the prospect of the CPSIA being enacted and how it would limit our access to toys of all varieties...including the kinds that grown ups love. But fortunately they've postponed enacting the CPSIA for a while, so we're all safe to stock up on all of the stuff we love.

Naturally, I have a personal favorite. Her name is Pang of Pretty Little Fings (blog/Etsy shop)! While she doesn't really market her crafty wares as kid toys, I think there's a natural appeal. And I have to admit that I originally traded a loverly necklace I made for a plush to give my goddaughter, but that really didn't work. I love my stuffed owl too much! Pang makes a variety of felt and fleece stuffed and stitched products, with a heavy focus on owls and cute things with wings! She also does a fair amount of anthropomorphic stuffed delights, including bacon and drumsticks, and has even participated in some artsy events with her mixed-media delights. She is really amazingly creative, folks.

This post is also a way for me to introduce that plush I couldn't give away. Introducing FRENCHIE!

She's my craft desk supervisor, as you can see. She's perched in the corner of my crafty nook and she has helped, and will continue to help me, keep making amazing crafty delights. If the image of Frenchie is not enough to sway you, I suggest you check out the rest of her family.

Meet Pang and a whole punch of other fantastic crafters this Sunday in DC at Crafts & Kisses. Click on the image for more info!

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  1. wow! thanks for the write up Meaghan! i'm so thrilled that you love my fings, especially Frenchie! i do love her too, she's one of my faves. see you soon!

    ps - sorry about all of the exclamation points, i was super excited to see Pretty Little Fings highlighted on your great blog!


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