Saturday, February 7, 2009

Target: A Time Warp

So my BFF and I were wandering, aimlessly, around Target for about 16 hours yesterday. What started out as a quick trip for underpants and socks turned into a world tour of the best store ever. We walked through every department, but the pièce de résistance was not the adorable baby clothes department, the ridiculous knee socks for grown ladies, the make up aisles that we spent close to an hour in (four aisles, mind you, not a massive department). No no, it was in the clearance section for women's clothes. Amid the sweaters, blouses and tank tops I found the most RIDICULOUS shirt I have ever seen. I have never, ever seen anything like it since I started purchasing my own clothing. It was crazy. If I was attending or hosting an '80s themed party in the near future, I would've purchased it. But otherwise, it really needed to be buried in a time capsule. Naturally, I took a picture of it just for you!

Pardon the poor quality; I only had my Blackberry.
It has WINGS. And can you see that? It's a zipper with two pulls, stretched
from one side to the other, that meet as close to your collar as you'd like. Detail?

This concludes this edition of The Oh Hell No files.

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