Thursday, March 12, 2009

Breakfast: Glorifying the hash

Scott Reitz, a freelance food writer from Alexandria, VA, wrote a delectable piece in The Washington Post yesterday about the ubiquitous breakfast/brunch food: HASH.
"With so much left to interpretation, what elements are common to a transcendent hash? For me, anything that grabs the leftovers of a previous meal and spins them in a new direction is a good start. Chances are if last night's meal was well thought out, the flavors will get along together nicely the next day. After all, one reason hash is identified with Saint Patrick's Day is the Irish appreciation of corned beef and potatoes, brought together with cabbage and other vegetables in a boiled dinner or the next morning as hash"
My father was a huge fan of corned beef hash for breakfast on a Sunday now and then, as was my grandfather. Whether your hash comes from a can or from leftovers from last night's meal (with an egg on top!), hash is an easy, filling and cost-effective meal. It has served to nourish soldiers, functioned as an edible lobbying tool, and even as a hangover remedy. Hash can be filled with meat and potatoes, or made vegan with tofu and is a canvas and a concept you can tailor to your palate and preferences, and undoubtedly please any guests you might have as well.

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