Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bunny Hop: Over to the picnic

I can't really sweeten what I'm about to tell y'all:

I'm already over Easter.

If I see another pastel egg, bunny, chick, or milk-laden sugary treat, I might lose my composure. I think we all know that these things do not an Easter make, but just like Christmas, it's hard as hell to separate the two. And in the case of Christmas, I'm quite ok with the flagrant consumerism. It just seems like Easter is trying too hard. So I've decided to take the high road and redirect my frustration towards something more positive. Spring is, after all, the season that ushers in sunshine, daffodils and tulips...it also brings us lush greenery in the form of trees, leaves and fresh, fresh grass. And what's better than throwing down a festive blanket on a plot of grass and opening up a picnic basket with friends? Dare I say it's better than Easter? I DARE!

You've got a few weeks to prepare for your picnic, which will help you plan a simple and delicious menu, purchase a few last minute picnic accessories and time to send out the invitations...you might even have the time to sew up a quick picnic blanket! What an unexpected treat, too! Most friends plan events in stuffy apartments, or loud and busy bars and restaurants, but there's nothing like combining laughter, tasty treats, a kite, some wind and a hefty dose of sunshine. I know this sounds campy, but I'm serious. Picnics are the jam!

Here are some fun accessories I've got on my list for pre-picnic planning. I'm going to try to include some recipes in the coming weeks for great picnic foods, such as potato salad, sandwiches and even delightfully refreshing beverages. By the time we're ready for a picnic, we'll have everything ready to make neighboring picnic-ers supremely jealous and the friends you don't invite will clamor for an invitation to your next soiree on the lawn.

Extra Large Canvas Tote Bag - $32
Carry the heavy things like bottles and such in this
super-durable tote bag. I know it seems rather "suburban
housewife", but I'm telling you...these tote bags are the BEST.

Eco-Friendly Flatware Set for Two - $28
These seem a little pricey, but they are reusable. Tell your
friends to bring their own flatware and cups to the picnic
to limit the amount of garbage you generate.

Table in a Bag - $44.95
Do you have pets? Or bug issues? This fold-up, roll-up table is
just what you need! Keep your delectables off the ground
on a reusable, easily transportable wood table.

Retro Condiment Set - $37.99
Perhaps this isn't the set for you, but it really does have
everything you need. Consider saving jars and containers to
bring small portions of standard condiments rather than
buying new bottles just for your picnic.

Green Picnic Basket - $19.95
Line this with the cloth napkins you plan to use at the picnic
and fill it up with delicious sandwiches and other treats.

Eat Me Apron - $22
Aprons are great for inside and outside the house, and what's
better than dressing up a picnic with an apron made
of authentic red and white check fabric.

It's plain to see that putting together a picnic can be both a fun and affordable affair, as my suggestions here are only jumping off points. Get your friends involved too, and spread the work around. I would highly suggest trekking to the National Mall, if you're a DC-dweller. Although National Kite Day has passed, it doesn't mean you can launch a fantastic kite any old day. Trust me, it's so much fun.


  1. I've been waiting on the truly nice weather to get some friends out the Mall or Rock Creek Park or even some suburban parks for a picnic. I love that picnic basket from Crate and Barrel.

    Another wonderful destination for a day out and picnic is the National Arboretum. Though I'm working out just how the carless residents can make it over there with ease and without resorting to a cab. :-)

  2. You make my brain work Ms. O'Malley!! I'm loving the combination of Spring and a picnic! I'm with you on being over Easter as well...viva la picnics!!


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