Monday, March 9, 2009

Cause Marketing: More Capucine, s'il vous plait!

Saturday night I was up kind of late but bored out of my mind. The only crafting I wanted to do involved hammering metal, which isn't really the best kind of crafting to do at night. I opened my blog to take a look at it and congratulate myself for an awesome week of blogging; I also decided to listen to Capucine's story again while I did it; despite the fact that she is French and I don't really understand her without captions, she reminds me so much of the kids I cared for as an au pair in Switzerland.

I went to Capucine's Vimeo site versus watching in on my blog to see if there were any other videos of her and I came upon this:

Capucine for Edurelief in Mongolia from Capucha on Vimeo.

Ever committed to her storytelling roots, Capucine and her mother Anne have created one of the best cause marketing initiatives I've ever seen. Working together with, Anne and Capucine have created an A-DOR-A-BLE series of t-shirts, buttons, magnets, and postcards (forthcoming) featuring the amazing world of Capucine.

When I worked at WickerMart, we sold Susan G. Komen Foundation candles in these hideous Pepto-Bismol pink mosaiced jars, and they smelled like a bunch of awful roses covered in dryer sheets with a hint of lavender. Honestly, I don't remember what they smelled like but the whole shebang was awful. You got a little pink breast cancer pin with your purchase and people bought these up like hotcakes. This is, in essence, cause marketing. People want to help out causes and initiatives, but they also want to be "paid back" for their contributions. In the case of Capucine, worldwide literacy and access to reading materials seem to be her motivation for being a little activist, and her mother has taken her hilarious quips and phrases as well as her fun and inspired drawings to create a fantastic cause marketing program to support children in Mongolia.

Suffice it to say that I'm convinced and I will be buying this very, very soon:

Le probleme, c'est que je t'aime.
[The problem is that I love you.]

You can donate funds directly to EduRelief via Capucine's personal site.

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