Thursday, March 5, 2009

Confession: Top Chef

I've been exclusively committed to two Bravo TV shows: Project Runway and The Real Housewives (OC and Atlanta). But a few weeks ago, I got hooked into a marathon for Top Chef and something clicked was just phenomenally entertaining and more than it had been in previous seasons. I watched the next few weeks shows compulsively, and more than once, trying to figure out what I liked so so so much. Was it the adrenaline? Carla being a Washingtonian and having such a spectacularly sweet approach to competition? Stefan loving the adorable lesbian Jamie in a really strange and obsessive way?

No. No. And honestly, no. But I figured it out! I love Fabio. I love everything about this Italian beefcake (beginning with his Italianness...because Em's Italian too!) from his sense of humor, style of cooking, spectacularly hilarious commentary ("I got my ass kicked so hard I'm still pulling the shoes outta there.") and comfort showing another man (Stefan) unrestrained affection even though they are both purely hetereosexual.

I love Fabio so much that I might buy myself that shirt you see featured in the upper-right hand corner of this post. It's available at for $24.95. Hell, I might even turn it into a pillow and snuggle with it. Oh, wait. That's creepy.

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  1. I am obsessed with Top Chef and Fabio is a doll. I love Carla though. I heard she shops at the Whole Foods in Silver Spring. I would love to run into her!


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