Monday, March 23, 2009

Damage Liability: The Hang 'Em Awl

My BFF and I had a slumber party on Saturday night so we could catch up on some Big Love, and Em and I drove her back up to Baltimore yesterday afternoon. We had some ridiculous conversations...everything from considering the plot twists and turns that Big Love could take, to the economy, to my career goals in the field of homemaking (all furniture and appliances in my home will be a tax write off as they are work-related expenses!), to the ridiculousness that is my father's attempt at hanging pictures and other ephemera around my childhood home.

I saw this a few weeks ago via Mighty Haus and I saved it for a time when I was inspired by something around me, and that conversation certainly sparked a need. The Hang 'Em Awl is an interesting little contraption designed to make hanging things with nail divots easier to hang. You simply screw in the little tools, center and level your artwork on the wall, give it a light tap and the holes are marked for you without requiring a degree in physics or engineering!

I'm interested in what else the creators of the Hang 'Em Awl come up with as far as around-the-house tool mediation is concerned, because we all need a lot more help than we are willing to admit.

Hang 'Em Awl has a great video tutorial that you should watch to better understand the process. They're $7.99 for two and you can pay using credit cards or PayPal.

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