Thursday, March 12, 2009

Etsy Find: porterness

I had a roommate for a few years who was as much of an older sister as she was a domestic companion. She is a teacher, and there is this expectation from the general public that teachers are sweet and patient and kind, in and out of school. But just like nurses, who can be caught behind the hospital sucking down cigarettes as though they were being paid by Phillip Morris himself, teachers aren't always so saccharine. In my roommate's case, she was a badass with a penchant for teasing and harassing me. I took it in good stride, of course! And my roommate's token phrase? BITE ME.

When I stumbled upon porterness, and the card featured here, I was immediately transported to a time when my roommate would scream from her bedroom, "This has gotta be the 9,000 time you've watched Dirty Dancing, you freakin' loser!" as I was indulging my Baby and Johnny obsession. She wasn't a fan of "suck it" as much as "bite me" but in any case, the juxtaposition of the image and text on this card is freakin' hilarious and absolutely on-point.

Check out porterness' jewelry's pretty sweet!

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