Thursday, March 5, 2009

Fabric Find: Sew Bettie

I personally feel that everyone should know at least one graphic designer. I know Leigh. Leigh's pretty hilarious, she has great taste and she also knows how important it is not to make the logo bigger. We worked together for a bit last year on Phasefest, we're buddies on Yelp where I enjoy her completely awesome reviews of local haunts, but mostly we bonded over design and all things visually appealing.

It should come as no shock to me, or to you, that it was Leigh who shared the link to Sew Bettie's line of faaaaaabulous fabrics. As she put it, "you can't beat gnomes and penguins unless it's gay lumberjacks." I AGREE.

Fabrics are $9/yard.

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