Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Infinity Beyond: Decor in less obvious places

Em and I have purchased a fair amount (for us) of art from Etsy seller John W. Golden. Em has a strong love of Golden's dog prints, and we have a few of them in our guest bath in simple frames. I've also picked up a few of his prints as a gift for my BFF's husband, who is a music lover. They seemed to suit his style. Recently, I was excited to discover that some of Golden's By Order of the Management prints were picked up by Garnet Hill. When I contacted him to send my congratulations, he told me that he was also picked up by The Land of Nod. I was pleased to see that the prints picked up by The Land of Nod are actually not something I've seen before! The delightful robot prints are something I can imagine many kids and Big Kids (big butch kids, specifically) would love.

This reminded me that sometimes things we might love as grown ups aren't necessarily hidden in the grown up places. I read quite a few catalogs, but sometimes I just require more color and whimsy than Restoration Hardware or Crate & Barrel can provide. I requested a catalog from Land of Nod and found many interesting and affordable ideas for decor and organization. If you're not interested in growing up too quickly, or your aesthetic allows for more fun and less uptight design, I recommend skimming through a few child-oriented design blogs and catalogs to pick up fresh ideas that are only slightly off the beaten path.

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