Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Interlude: Dance Yourself to Death

I'm never the hippest when it comes to music, but I've seen this group here and there the past week (they have queer members, it seems!) and I finally had a moment to check them out. WOW. Is it good music? I have no idea, but like wine it really doesn't matter what anyone else thinks...if you like it, drink it. Or in this case, I like it so I'm going to listen to it! Featuring Dance Yourself to Death's song/video for "We Are All Made of Stone". Their sound is to die for (after copious dancing, of course). They've got this fabulous rock meets new wave meets electronic meets Bangles sound. You can rest assured I will be bopping along to this album for the rest of the week, if not longer. But I'm still not wearing skinny jeans, ok.

One of their reviewers said the following, which very much highlights how I hear them:
“Great hooks, a sound somewhere between Blondie, Heart and
the Pretenders. The EP suggests good things to come!” - Spill Magazine
More about Dance Yourself to Death available on MySpace. You know it's good when Elton John loves it.

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