Saturday, March 7, 2009

Pop Quiz: Creative Design

While it seems a bit overcast today, it is expected to be in the low-70s and that means not a one of us should be sitting at home on our butts playing on the interwebs. But listen, it's ok if you do. I won't judge.

Spring is a time of renewal, cleansing and rebirth. Feeling like your home is kind of humdrum and boring? Take these two quizzes and determine your creative approach and your design style. You might be surprised and it might give you insight to something that your home or living space is lacking. Theoretically, you could discover that you really do love orange and you could be back from the home improvement store by dinnertime and painting your living room by sundown!

[Click the image below to take Youniverse's Creativity Quiz]

[To take Sproost's Design Style Quiz, click the image below]

As you can see, I'm a Hands On true. My design style is as follows: 44% Rustic Revival (I agree!), 31% Nantucket Style (Em likes), 25% Cottage Chic (as long as that's not shabby chic, we're ok). Enjoy!

[Via How About Orange...]

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