Sunday, March 1, 2009

Queering Domesticity Newsletter

Well well well...lookie here! I decided that I have enough time on my hands (ha ha ha) to take on the excitement of a monthly newsletter to my loyal readers and fans. My plan is to highlight posts previously written, sneak peaks of posts to come, promos as the opportunities present, and giveaways too! Oh Ginger will be an integral part of the newsletter, as it is an integral part of my work! All of the standard e-mail newsletter jargon applies; I'm not going to sell your contact information to anyone unless they offer me a million dollars, in which case...SORRY BUDDY!

So use the form contained within this post OR sign up directly on my blog via the Mailing List section in the right hand column. Tell your friends, tell your loved ones! I promise to try my darndest to make it worth your while!


Sign up here to receive the Queering
Domesticity monthly newsletter!

1 comment:

  1. love love love the new look.

    i've been having extended periods away from the bloggy world.

    spending too much time on facebook, with writer's block and nothing to say...

    hi to montgomery. hahaha


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