Sunday, March 1, 2009

Random Stuff Sunday

1. Proof you're working with the right people, if not at the right place.

My coworker knows I'm incredibly fond of baby corn. She's extolled, on numerous occasions, the virtues of this mystical veggie to me and how it was an important part of her Chinese culture. I thank Tom Hanks in Big for making it important to American culture. So last week, I walked into work and found this situated in front of my keyboard. Happy day to me!

2. What looks like the start of a beautiful future together.

Meet plant number eight in my petite household. I found him at the grocery store yesterday. I walked by and I swear he said, "TAKE ME HOME"!! He almost blew away in the parking lot, but I managed to get him home, water him and secure his wobbly stalk to a chopstick with a fabric remnant. I haven't named my plants, but if I did his name would be Montgomery.

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