Monday, March 23, 2009

Regional Envy: The Casserole Queens

I've been told by a few people that I'd like Austin. They clearly don't know how much I love snow and how I'm mostly scared of the rest of the state. Nevertheless, when I saw these ladies on Throwdown with Bobby Flay recently, where they competed with their Casserole Queen Pot Pie, I honestly contemplated a relocation.

The Casserole Queens are a two-lady operation (Sandy Pollock and Crystal Cook), serving up traditional to completely off-the-wall-unique casseroles to the greater Austin area. Wearing vintage housewife attire, they hand deliver their delicious concoctions to folks who either lack the time or just want a bit of old timey nostalgia. I know at least two ladies in my life who are casserolevangelists, so this concept probably has their mouth watering as I type!

The Casserole Queens serve breakfast/brunch, lighter fare, vegetarian, hearty main dish and dessert casseroles. Each order is delivered already prepared and frozen with reheating/serving instructions. Here are a few that sound ridiculously amazing, served in two different sizes (12"x6" and 12"x10"):
B&B Casserole - Escape from the daily grind with this Casserole Queen favorite. Rich layers of brie, sausage and egg give this casserole a gourmet flair that is sure to please.

Zucchini De-light - Our zucchini casserole tastes just as good as mom's, but without the additional fat and calories. Rich in flavor, the casserole pairs fabulously with roasted chicken, ham, or pork chops.

Lunch Lady Doris' Spicy Mac & Cheese -Who said macaroni and cheese is just for kids? Savory veggies, a medley of cheeses and a little cayenne pepper take this simple comfort food to a gourmet delight.

Corn Dog Casserole - Just the smell alone will get the kids to the table in time for dinner. Maybe even the neighbor kids.

Peanut Butter Banana Cream Pie - It is just simply bananas how good this dessert is! Seriously folks, it doesn't get much better than this. Drizzled with rich chocolate sauce, this creamy peanut butter topping covers layers of fresh bananas and a tasty vanilla wafer crust. We think it is the best in the bunch!
There are so many fantastic options to choose from with The Casserole Queens. You can even give a gift certificate as a gift and let someone else choose their preferred meal! If you know someone with a new baby, elderly folks or even just someone who deserves a break from cooking dinner some random Wednesday night in the Austin area, I feel like this service is just right for you! The Casserole Queens also offer some fun and helpful kitchen tips to make your solo-adventures that much easier.

I think that these ladies either need to franchise their operation and go national with this concept, or someone in the DC/Baltimore metro area needs to get their stuff together and open up a Casserole Cart so that when the cranky lobbyists and non-profit workers need a quick nostalgic pick-me-up, all they need is to log online, choose a dish and wait for two adorable ladies in heels and pearls to drop it off. Casseroles are clearly the only way we're going to achieve peace in this country.


  1. Um, Corndog Casserole sounds like a dream come true.

  2. casseroles are the new cupcakes


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