Monday, March 16, 2009

Simon's Drawrings: Plush into posterity

I know a little kid who loves to draw, and she'll draw just about anything with any drawing or writing implement on any surface anytime anywhere. She's just busting with creativity. And sometimes, she draws the most fantastical creatures and beings. Naturally my mind wanders to the place (because I am a kid at heart) where these creatures and people are really alive and I wonder what they would look like and how they would act with me and with each other. Sometimes this fantastic little kid and I tell stories with the creatures too. While I think the mind is the best place to store memorabilia and knick-knacks (as it makes moving and living easier and hoarding is totally out this season), I now have the inspiration to turn one of the creatures into a real, live plush! Check out what I've found and how to make that happen.

If you're feeling wealthy, I say go for the all-out lazy approach and have FAO Schwarz make a monster (or other creature) complete with story for your kid. $249

More reasonably priced at $60, Create Your Own Critter provides you with a kit and instructions for creating your stuff pet/monster/critter which they will in turn sew, stuff and send to you!

The following options are designed for the more industrious and creative Monster Maker.

Follow Daniel's parent's lead and turn a drawing to a sewing project!

Turn a multitude of monsters into a mobile for your kid, or even into finger puppets!

Finally, perhaps something more demure. Take your kid's drawing and copy it onto a plain and simple fabric and then use embroidery floss to stitch it into vibrant colorful amazingness. Attach a back, stuff it and throw it on their bed or on your sofa for utilitarian art!

Don't have kids? Refuse to grow up? Draw your own monster and turn it into a reality.

ETA: Boing Boing posted about Make Your Own Monsters yesterday and linked to this AMAZING gallery that I totally wish I had found when I started writing this post. It's kind of wacky how my completely random and self-derived posting ideas are hitting the big blogs simultaneously or just after.


  1. i make plush with the little girl i babysit all of the time! she's even gone so far as to make me an owl for my birthday. maybe i should urge her to set up shop on Etsy.

  2. wow thanks for all the amazing links. I really like the mini plush toy from Martha. Simple and cute!


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