Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sneak Peek: QD Giveaway

So...you're wondering...what in God's name are you putting in the QD Giveaway Meaghan? Here is my attempt to tantalize...a small sampling of my personal contribution to the giveaway. I have the great pleasure of knowing quite a few crafty folks who have graciously contributed wonderful things to the giveaway...and you'll see them tomorrow. But today you can see what I made for one of my lucky readers to win...these are things that are in line with the aesthetic I'm following at my Etsy shop, oh ginger.

First, we have a lovely pair of stacked pod earrings in bright primary colors. I know these vintage Czech glass pods have been all the rage for years now on Etsy and in the vintage-turned-new jewelry designers market. But I love them and I complemented my love of them with my new love of brass. So these earrings also feature unique antiqued brass chain and handformed brass earwires. They're about 2.5" long. They retail for $17. These are not available in my shop, so the winner will be the first person to own this style!

I've also made a new style of felt ball necklace that I will be adding to the shop after the giveaway. I'm calling them the Spectrum necklace because, well, I've focused on creating color spectrums with the felt beads. For the giveaway, the winner can choose one of the five (5) color spectrum styles: Bloom, Earth, Moss, Sky and Fire. The handcrafted felt beads are made of wool and the chain is antiqued brass; it's about 18" long, so the necklace will rest along (most) collarbones. I can make it longer if neccessary. These will retail for $22 in the shop.

Click the image to see a larger version of the color options.

Please check back tomorrow for the full giveaway!

For folks interested in the papier mache mini-dress form I've added to my "photo shoots" you can find it here: Creative Imaginations Bare Elements Jeramee Dress Form (12") - $6

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