Friday, March 27, 2009

Vintage Friday: I'm a little teapot

My mom constantly reminds me of my repetitive "I'm a little teapot" performances as a kid. I think that if I did it now, she'd giggle and get all nostalgic. Today's Vintage Friday post is dedicated to that silly song and my general love of tea and teapots. I tend to think that anything squat and plump is adorable, but I was pleasantly surprised to find some really lovely teapots that were neither. Whether your personal aesthetic involves clean lines or comfortable farmhouse simplicity, I feel like I've collected a decent assortment of teapots to suit your fancy. I cannot say whether these are functional or not, but I also feel that they would look lovely on a shelf, as a stovetop accessory or even with the lid removed and a bundle of springtime wildflowers bursting out the top.

This post is long but worth it!

Red Mid Century Cone Coffee/Tea Pot - $30
A fantastic thermos-style coffee pot with an amazing cherry red
color and a shape/style I haven't really ever seen.

Saffron Hornsea Tea Set (small chip) - $30
The subtle floral motif on this set is pretty awesome, as it also
has a simple graphic appeal. I also really love the angular shape of the spout.

Vintage Enameled Tea Pot - $16
I love the classic look of this teapot. I can imagine hanging around
with my girlfriends in the '50s, smoking Lucky Strike, talking
about boys (or girls) and bitching about our girdles.

Vintage Green Ceramic Tea Pot - $18
Now this is a teapot! Tall, slender, lovely moss green color and
a contrasting white top. I bet this would look amazing with some striking
spider mums shooting in every direction.

Small Leaf Green Vintage Tea Pot - $5
Tiny, plump and just waiting for you to brew a quick pot of
Earl Grey for a cool, rainy Spring day.

1950s Ceramic Robin's Egg Blue Tea pot and Pie plates - $25
What a lucky find! The swooping, whimsical spout, the graceful
and smooth handle, the gentle slope of the entire
piece...and then matching plates for PIE! Nom!

Vintage Silver Tea Pot - $42
Pure sophisticated elegance...and a matching creamer and sugar bowl to boot ($36)!

Vintage White Enamel Kettle - $50
Now this is my style! Big, enamel (!), simple and utilitarian.
I especially appreciate the small black handle on the
side of the pot to make pouring easier.

Asian Flower Tea Pot - $18
Sometimes when my mom and I were feeling fancy, we'd have
afternoon tea out of a blue and white tea set she kept in the
dining room. This reminds me of that, and I'm particularly
fond of the adorable black handle.

Mid Century Coffee/Tea Pot with Cherries - $35
I don't really have words. This thing is adorable, and it
might need to be in my BFF's new kitchen, if she thinks it'll match.

Zeuthen (Denmark) Red Clay Vintage Modern Tea Pot - $45
Between the straw handle, the delicate and organic pattern
of white polka dots and the lovely red clay/sienna color,
I find this tea pot gorgeous, despite it not really being my preferred style.

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  1. I am madly in love with all things tea, so I love this posting, Meaghan!! I am super jealous of your eclectic teapot collection and am inspired to begin a collection of my own. My two teapots just won't suffice! :)


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