Friday, March 20, 2009

Vintage Friday: Salt-n-Pepa

I actually started to write a really awful rip-off verse for my own Salt-n-Pepa song about seasoning food, but I will spare you. You're welcome!

Today's Vintage Friday post is obviously all about salt and pepper shakers, from the mundane to the hilarious, the simple to the design-worthy. I've decided to try to make a collage to condense Vintage Friday posts, so bear with me while I perfect it. A few years ago, I found a pair of salt and pepper shakers at an antique booth a small town fair (look up, there they are!). They are hand-painted, bulbous little shakers and they even have names: Salty and Peppy! I keep these little shakers in my kitchen, right on top of my enamel recipe box (vintage-inspired) and they make me smile and happy. They're not something I'm inclined to use, but I imagine with a little elbow grease and gentle cleansers, these could become functional parts of your everyday meals.

This post was inspired by these shakers, available from 26 Olive Street on Etsy:

Aren't they FABULOUS!?! For only $16, these shakers combine everything I love (glass, jars, vintage, graphic fonts, etc.) into two functional little pieces of art.

Onto the shakers!

Have a great day!

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