Friday, March 6, 2009

Vintage Friday: Springing forward

The snow that we were "pummeled" with on Monday is melting, rather quickly. I looked at my calendar today at work and noticed that Daylight Savings time springs forward on Sunday. I guess the inevitable is, well, inevitable. Spring is coming. The past two years of this season have really sucked for me; between asthma and hives, I really couldn't win. But I'm feeling so far, so good this year and I hope that the "non-allergic rhinitis/sinusitis" that manifested itself in really crappy ways doesn't get me this year.

A saving grace for me has always been a bundle of flowers whenever I get the chance. I like buying myself flowers at the grocery store, especially in those 3/$10 bins where you get a really nice assortment of fillers and blooms. Sometimes, and don't tell the state troopers, I also pick wildflowers. The most interesting facet of my joy of flowers is that I really don't own a vase. Like my mother and her mother before her, I hoard jars and other vessels in which I can temporarily store some greenery and water. There is such a vast array of choices when you expand your search for floral containers beyond the word "vase". I skimmed through Etsy and found a few ideas for you too, just in case you need a little push. Enjoy this first installment of Vintage Friday.

If you have a long table, picnic or otherwise, line these little ink wells up in the center (you can clean them or not, it's up to your aesthetic). Tie a tiny bow around the neck and fill them up with a few snapdragon stems or a bundle of bright purple aster.

3 footed miniature coffee cups - $14
If you have a fancy cappuccino machine, you might want to use these for a espresso con panna or something, but I would elect to group them in the center of a brunch table with simple greenery and wildflowers.

Mini Lab Beakers - $6
Having a game night or hanging out with your favorite geeks? Pick up a few brightly colored dahlias or mini-gerbera daisies and mix them up in this darling glassware. I think these would also be sweet by their lonesome with a bud or two on the countertop in a guest bathroom.

Vintage Pyrex Glass Jar (Gin) - $38
If you've invited some friends for cocktails and appetizers, place one or two Stargazer lilies in this vintage gin carafe to make a grand yet subdued statement.

Vintage Ball Perfect Mason Quart Jars (2) - $8.75
This is something my mom would call an "ol' standby". The subtle teal/blue tint of the glass complements a variety of different flowers, but my favorite is the hearty and somewhat rustic tulip. The high-neck of the jars helps support the stem of the tulip when they're fresh, and when they get a few days old, they droop over the sides in a really lovely way.

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