Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Wall Art: Ork Posters

Ork Posters might be old news to you. I first came across them over a year ago and bookmarked the page because I planned on getting Em the Boston poster for a birthday gift, as it is Em's hometown. I absolutely love the concept behind these posters, which are a wonderful combination of typography and geography. They've added a few new posters to the line-up since I originally became acquainted with them, including Portland, Seattle, and even the Great Lakes. These are a great gift for someone who has a particularly deep love for their city, or for someone who is far away from the city they love. The posters are reasonably priced at $22/each and they also offer screenprinted versions for $27/each in more unique color combinations.

I hope to juxtapose the Boston poster I picked up for Em with this Washignton DC poster soon; I think it would really make a neat statement in our living room. While I'm not always in love with the politics and people who fill up this small city, I was born and raised here and it will always feel like home.

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