Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The BIG News: We're having a baby

So I told you in my hot French Lady dancing post that I had some news about a new addition to our family and this is the post wherein I reveal the exciting news. Prepare yourself!

Em and I are having a baby. A soft, tumbly, four-legged, snorty pug baby, to be more precise! We're just about 10 days away from picking up our little man and we are both, individually and collectively, shaking with excitement. We elected to go with a pure bred pooch for our first dog for a number of reasons, but for all the animal activists out there, rest assured that we have many MANY rescue and shelter dogs in our future. This is both a special treat to us and a way for us to learn and grow with a pup who has limited previous training and learned behaviors. We both feel like this experience will make us better parents to a shelter or rescue doggie in the future!

Our pug puppy's name is Seamus Fenway. Seamus, because we are both a little Irish, and because we both love the name. Fenway, because we both agreed that he needed a middle name, and Em loves the Boston Red Sox more than words can express. And to be honest with you, I love the Bo' Sox more than I thought I could ever love a professional sports team...especially Big Papi. He's my favorite. When Seamus learns how to swing a baseball bat, I will teach him the signature Papi spit-in-yer-glove manuever.

I can guarantee you that Seamus stories and pictures will become a regular feature here at Queering Domesticity, so I will be adding a tab to the top of the page so you can easily track down all of his pictures and such whenever you like. Expect more Seamus wonderment on May 9th, when we bring our little man home!

You can also track Seamus updates by becoming his fan on Facebook or visiting his Twitter page!

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