Wednesday, April 1, 2009

GIVEAWAY: Fresh, hot and free!

Here it is! I've done my best to collect fantastic things for my loyal (and new) readers, to simultaneously thank you all for reading my little blog for what presently amounts to over 240 posts and over 10,000 hits, and honor some really great crafters and artists I've met along the way. In the grand scheme of blogging, I'm small potatoes. But I've had so much fun and I have so many wonderful hopes and wishes for my little corner of the internet, that I wanted to take a moment and provide you all with a chance to win awesome stuff from some of my favorite friends and crafters.

In order to sign up, I'd like you to leave a comment (one comment per person ONLY, please) on this post with the following information no later than April 10th at 11pm EST:
  • Your name
  • Your e-mail address
  • Your favorite blog ever in the history of the internet
  • You can also sign up for my mailing list on the left hand corner of my blog, but this isn't a requirement. I do plan on sending out special promotional e-mails now and then with discounts to my Etsy shop and other awesome things. Just sayin'...
Here are the goods! Clicking the image will take you directly to the crafter's personal site.

When I told my Mom that I was planning a giveaway she offered to make some
of her very popular cards just for you guys! Here we have an assortment of
six (6) hand-sewn/assembled cards in varying stripe patterns in the shape
of a "wallet" with a velcro/button closure. Totally cute. I love my Mom!

From Shayne/Novelty Kitten comes a fun assortment of nerdy delights.
A cross stitch skull pattern, signature "meh." button, Periodic Table of
Monsters and a hand-Gocco'd "Toast is Tasty" card.

From Tina Seamonster comes a 5-pack of "Zombies hate that you are
Awesome" cards AND a 5-pack of "Zombies hate that you are Awesome"
bookmarks...foryour most awesome books or most awesome friends!

From StellaLola @ Etsy comes this fabulous hand-painted print entitled
"Football Buddies". I was fortunate enough to receive one of StellaLola's
"Conga Line at the Cupcake Cabana" prints for my birthday last year and
she graciously contributed this hilarious and adorable print!

One of my favorite ladies, Holly of MissHawklet, is sharing this
113 yard/4.1oz.skein of her handmade wool yarn in lovely browns,
greens and blues. It is so soft and lovely. Her yarns are amazing!

No matter how much I convinced myself, I couldn't give up my
Miss Piggy's Aerobique notebook, so IvyLaneDesigns has graciously
contributed this prideful notebook, perfect for LGBTQ identified folks or allies
who proudly fight for equal rights for all!

I'm personally throwing in some adorable sewing pins (Hengli Co. Ltd. -
British company, I believe) with colorful ball tips and flower tips (pincushion
not included; Em made it for me!). I'm also sharing two sample bars from
Etsy seller Savor - she's the first soap maker who offers scented soaps
that don't make my skin freak out! Fabulous.

Don't forget the Spectrum necklace (in one of five colors; your choice!) that
I mentioned in yesterday's post as well as the pod-tier earrings!

The combined value of all of these amazing treats is somewhere around $150. This doesn't include the other fantastic things I will add to the post later this week! Gotta keep you on your toes. So please please tell your friends about the giveaway, sign yourself up and wait for April 10th when the polls close! The winner will be announced Saturday April 11th!


  1. Michele Pineda
    micaela6955 at msn dot com

    I really like the Pioneer Woman for family/life things, and of course reading Perez Hilton...for all that juicy gossip!

    Thanks for the generous giveaway

  2. Megan!!
    My favorite blogs ever are probably and!

  3. hello! you know where to find me...

    you have a fantastic blog! but i can't stop loving

    hoorary giveaway!

  4. Very nice swag there!

    Favorite blog besides yours? (total suck-up) Going with The Bloggess:

    shel704 at aol dot com

  5. Your name Carol
    Your e-mail address
    Your favorite blog ever in the history of the internet: Busy Mommy

  6. Chris


    I have to be biased - my favorite blog is my friends blog, although she's been slacking off lately.

    I do have to agree with "this chickadee" though your blog is fantastic, is amazing, as is XKCD (which isn't really a blog, but I think it fits).


    A confession: I just discovered craft blogs last week. I'm late, I know, but now I can't get any work done because there are just so many out there. A whole world wide web of them...Craft and Design Sponge are fun but this chickadee is super fun because she's local - and now you are too.

  8. My name is Natalie Brown.

    My e-mail is

    I can't believe you are asking me to list ONE favorite blog. If I had children that would be like asking me to choose a favorite.

    Here are a FEW of my favs since I refuse to list just one:

    - Obviously, Queering Domesticity
    - Matt, Liz & Madeline...Life & Death, all in a 27 hour period.
    - F My Life, Everyday Life Stories
    - I Can Has Cheezburger. I don't know if this really "counts" as a blog, but whatever.

  9. tori piazza

    Your favorite blog ever in the history of the internet

    you're kidding, right? pioneer woman, lolcats, my friend karen's lj (locked and quiet since her death), queering domesticity (not sucking up, really), the kitchen table, racialicious, on and on ...

  10. shellie seering
    I love littlebrownpen

  11. -marya
    -maryamd 86 [at] hotmail [dot] com
    -it's probably a tie between dorothy surrenders and this girl called automatic win/autostraddle

  12. Thank you for the great giveaway. My favorite blogs that I have found are those with shops I've never heard of, some bloggers are very talented! I also love foodie and travel blogs.

    My name is Michele
    mrs miki 77 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  13. Found you through This Chickadee! Can't believe you really think people can pick just one blog! ;)

    Melissa E
    craftgasm @ gmail dotcom
    Favorite crafty blog(s): and
    Favorite non-crafty blog:, which has now morphed to, because I'm a huge effing nerd.

    Thanks so much for hosting the giveaway!

  14. ok ok

    Mazzie(your biggest fan)
    my name at gmail dot com

    my favorite blog, aside from queering domesticity, knitting blogs, and one I probably can't name on a family blog is my friend Din's shopping pr0n blog at:

    what a terrific giveaway! fancy. schmancy. <3

  15. I like humorous blogs. My favorite is :


  16. Nikki
    My favorite blog ever?? Aaaahhhh, how could I ever choose? I do like yours an awful lot, and The Food Librarian is exactly where I want to be in life in another 5 or 6 years, baking the same things I want to be baking...but I'm going to have to go with a guilty pleasure here. I love Go Fug Yourself. The commentary and language crack me up, but I'm kind of mean and evil that way.

  17. May Canadians enter? My name's Nicole, my e-mail address is ikkinlala AT yahoo DOT ca, and my favourite blog (I don't know about the "ever in the history of the internet" part, but I figure the one that makes me laugh most often is as good a choice as any for first place) is (and no, I'm not a parent).

  18. i'm Amy
    amykins AT shaw DOT ca

    what an amazing giveaway you've put together! i'm so sorry my life was too crazy to contribute, but i definitely will next time!

    i don't know what my favourite blog is! i have a bunch i love, but i'm terrible at keeping up with them. i just discovered yours recently, through queercraft and twitter, but i'm definitely enjoying it so far! i also enjoy the craftzine blog for all the links, and i really love and

  19. THere are so many good one out there. I like to put my favorites on my blog roll so I don't lose them. Right now I like Aggies kitchen for the recipes.

  20. name: autumn
    favorite blog: oh, fransson.....badskirt.... retromama......basically the bright blogs that have plenty of eye-candy.

  21. hi im jeane and im new here. u can drop me an email at
    my everyday must drop in blog would have to be, its a gorgeous colorful world full of love and many many goodness at the attic. do please have a look there, u gonna love it very much.

  22. Hello! My name is Deborah and my e-mail is asthenight at gmail dot com.

    I just found your blog so you're not my absolute favorite YET! My favorite blog ever is "Chickens In The Road" at - the recipes rock!

  23. Jane Knox


  24. Diana
    skafunkmelt at hotmail dot com

    I wouldn't feel so connected to this whole blogger world if it wasn't for my crazy and totally scandalous friend, Sabrina. You can read her bizarre-o and probably offensive to most blog here:

    As much as she jokes, she really loves everyone!

    Also, Nina (AKA SlackMistress) is brilliant.

  25. Pang!

    (email) you know it already!

    as a fan of many blogs (yours included), i'm going to chose Craft Magazine's blog for all of my crafty need and Perez Hilton's blog for all of my celebrity gossip news (cause i am a closet sucker, but now you know!).

    if i win, i only request that you keep the love bug.

  26. Julia
    I love omgposters, queering domesticity, and everybodyisugly!

  27. Christina
    kestrel127 at gmail dot com is the best website ever.

  28. jaime

    wageslaves at yahoo dot com

    ummm...mayhaps streetsblog b/c it covers so much of what i'm interested in (the info and links are amazing).


  29. Mary
    siran underscore drauka at yahoo dot com

    My favorite blogs are probably the ones that reflect the passions of their creators...and the ones that aren't white text on black background. I read a lot of different types of blogs every day! (But if I had to pick one, I love a lot.)

  30. Jessica

    i love its pathetic i know. i have also learned to love
    because hurley (or Jorge) is hilarous.


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