Wednesday, April 8, 2009

In the neighborhood: Summit of Awesome

I remember my pal Tina telling me a few months ago that something amazing was on the horizon for the Hello Craft team, and that I should just keep my eyes and ears perked for the news! A few weeks ago, Hello Craft introduced The Summit of Awesome, a three day workshop-stuffed, speaker-filled, craftstravaganza located in our Nation's Capitol! How lucky are we!?

The Summit of Awesome will be situated in the U Street Corridor, a haven for indie business and entrepreneurship of all kinds. The event will feature the opportunity for attendees to attend speaking engagements, workshops, tutorials, discussion sessions, the DC premiere of Handmade Nation and SO. MUCH. MORE. I'm really excited about this particular, the opportunity to cultivate community rather than selling my wares suits my unquenchable curiosity and desire to learn. I'm excited to meet and greet the people who keep the gears of this crafty world greased and moving at a rapid pace!

Here's the complete schedule of events you could attend!

Of course you won’t want to miss these talks with -

Learn a new technique or make something awesome with guidance from our amazing speakers.

Learning Sessions:
The main part of the weekend is to learn and grow your crafty endeavors. And what better way then to learn from the people in the know?

Handmade Nation
You’ll also have access to a screening of the D.C. premier of Handmade Nation, Faith Levine’s long awaited film documenting the indie craft community.

Make Something Awesome Craft Area:
All weekend long, stop by the Make Something Awesome Craft Area and well, make something awesome. Have some down time between panels? Feel like decompressing? Socializing? This is the place to do it. Supplies and tutorials will help you on your way to making something awesome. Plus you can record your story for a future episode of the Hello Craft Podcast!

Handmade White Elephant
You might be familiar with this fun and sometimes funny holiday game. Well, be prepared to swap and trade your handmade goods at this fast and fun crafty version of this old favorite.

Add Hello Craft and The Summit of Awesome to your Things to Check Out list and make sure you register for The Summit of Awesome ASAP! Registration prices are currently $150 and will go up to $180 on April 10 (this Friday).

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