Friday, April 3, 2009

Vintage Friday: Boxing Loves

A few years ago, my best friend gave me a reproduced I Love Lucy hatbox for my birthday. She said that I was the only person she knew who would be ridiculously excited to receive an empty box as a gift. And it's true, I love boxes. If it's wood, can hold something (anything!) and has a unique shape or color, I will most likely keep it. I've also expanded this love of storage to include crates and drawers which have been modified for display or new, utilitarian purposes like flower beds, bookcases and trinket display cases.

I've put together a collection of wood boxes and crates that are both decorative and have utilitarian potential. There are a wide variety of choices available through Etsy and other sites, and I've also had the great fortune of always finding unique wood boxes at town fairs and antique shows. Keep your eyes open! Storage isn't something you'll find exclusively at the Container Store, ya know!

1. Vintage Recipe Box - $9.95 - 2. Blue Vintage Hinged Box - $24
3. Copper Bear Wood Trinket Box - $42 - 4. 19th Century Lozenges Box - $18

The recipe box would be a great gift with a bunch of your favorite recipes inside! Use the blue vintage hinged box in your entrance-way to stash bills and keys. The copper bear trinket box would be a great gift for a big husky dude, filled with hunky smelling soap or hankies, and the lozenges box would look great in a bathroom filled with q-tips or cotton balls.

Store real crayons in the box and do away with the chaos of a messy playroom or crafty area. This vintage wrench box would be a great place to store tools, or would even make a great place to store your tea! I'd definitely use this Kraft cheese box as a modified planter, and the Coca-Cola crate would be great at a party to hold napkins, utensils and condiments.

As you can see, even the most bland can take on new and exciting uses with a little elbox grease and some imagination. Have a great weekend!

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  1. i've always wanted a crate like the coca cola one! i think it would so amazing to hang it on the wall and fill each nook with something fun and quirky.

    i ADORE clementine boxes, and i'm so sad that they only seem to come in cardboard anymore. i got a whole stash of the wood ones about 8 or 9 years ago and i'm still hoarding most of them! they make fabulous shrines or lightweight shelves. some of mine are covered in glitter spraypaint.


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