Friday, April 10, 2009

Vintage Friday: A shop this time

Vintage Fridays have, thus far, been themed posts. I've tried to spend a decent amount of time collecting interesting things for you all to see, and hopefully unique concepts and perspectives on how to work with those things. This week, in order to conserve time, I'm going to feature a vintage shop from Etsy versus a themed post!

This week's Vintage Friday featured shop is Blue Bell Bazaar. Not only does this shop's owner price her wares fairly (most less than $50), but she's managed to collect a very lovely and diverse assortment of vintage pieces. There's a number of vintage glassware from apothecaries and labs which would serve as great bathroom accessories, glove molds which are great accent pieces and also fun to use in photography (I have a small hand mold that I use in my Etsy shop, for example) and also other home decor finds and even a little bit of jewelry. There are a few art pieces, vintage billiard balls, those quirky and fun alphabet block word sets that a lot of shops are doing lately, and lovely vases as well.

I'm most fond of the large letters in the variety of materials that Blue Bell Bazaar sells, including the magnets which would make a fantastic statement on a humdrum refrigerator. She also has a small assortment of Christmas/holiday decorations which I hope hope hope are something she expands on as autumn and winter approaches.

In general, I'm really pleased that Etsy supports and encourages vintage sellers and curators on their site. What might seem simple and lackluster in a cluttered antique or thrift shop to the average person could be wildly enticing with creative scene-setting and lighting by a seasoned, educator vintage connoisseur. Blue Bell Bazaar will be one of many vintage shops I plan to feature on Vintage Friday.

Happy shopping!

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