Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Craft Showspiration: Something's Hiding in Here

In just about two weeks, I'll be making my 2009 craft show debut at The Handmade Mart. I've been busy brainstorming ideas for my table display, as I'd really like to both refine my style as it relates to shows AND develop something that's memorable, unique and reusable! I also really want to keep with a natural, kind of woodsy vintage aesthetic. So...a huntin' I've been going!

Last night I decided to peruse Flickr for crafty displays by searching for things like "Crafty Bastards" and "Pile of Craft"...I just wanted to have an idea of what I'm up against AND where I'd like to be. There's quite a variety out there, lemme tell ya! Everything from the stock black velour merchandisers to amazingly hand constructed, chiseled, painted, sanded, fancypants displays that make your jaw drop. I'm totally bummed, even more so than I already was, to find that my favorite display of all time (thus far) belongs to a duo that made an appearance at Hello Craft's Summit of Awesome a few weeks ago here in DC, where they coincidentally talked about craft show/booth displays!

Something's Hiding In Here's display is the beeknees, y'all! I don't know if it varies significantly from year to year, but the display from last year's Crafty Bastards made my crafty heart go pitter-pat. I'm including a picture here from ohsobeautifulpaper's Flickr Stream, as it encapsulates everything I love. The merch is neat and tidy, the colors coordinated and simultaneously retro yet subdued, prices easy to read and accessible, and that wood shelf/rack is TO DIE FOR. *jealous*

So...what are your plans for your craft shows this year? What do you like to see in a good craft show table? What DON'T you like to see? I'm open to suggestions and inspiration, so link away!

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  1. I love Something's Hiding In Here's display -- I remember seeing it for the first time at Crafty Bastards like this picture shows and being blown away.

    Sara of Girls Can Tell recently did a pretty interesting blog post called "Rethinking the Craft Fair Booth." Check it out here:


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