Thursday, May 21, 2009

Prep Work: Handmade Mart Preview

So I've weighed the merits and non-merits (I've been up since 6am with Seamus, forgive me if my vocabulary is lacking) of giving folks a sneak peek at what I'm bringing to Handmade Mart. Part of me thinks that it shouldn't be predictable, as I always like to be surprised by what crafters have hidden in their back pockets, and I've had success in the past selling show-exclusive stuff. But I also, honestly, want people to come prepared to shop for the stuff they like. What to do, what to do! I'm throwing caution to the wind and showing you guys a few things I plan on bringing with me.

[Eco-felt blossoms are secured beneath vintage plastic beads in
jet black or big, warm wood beads and finished off with antiqued brass
ring. These will hang on 20" dainty brass chain.]

[Brass cab frames that I've fitted with tiny, hand-stitched images.
Available on 18" or 20" dainty antiqued brass chain.]

See you there Sunday May 31st in Silver Spring!


  1. save an heirloom pendant for meeeeee!

  2. i don't even know why you are selling these, i'm just going to buy that all out before the show even starts. i'm in trouble!


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