Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Quick Find: Airstream dream

I just stumbled upon this in the Etsy "Alfresco" gift guide:

I love the slightly industrial, whimsical, memory-tugging vintage look of reminds me of the summer times when, while The Depot was being built, I used to sleep in this old trailer in my Nanny and Pop Pop's side-house/garage. You know, where the table drops down to make a bed. It sounds a lot stranger than it really was, anyway.

If I do well at the Handmade Mart, this just might have to be an early 30th birthday present (ahem...August 4th) to myself!


  1. i used to have to sleep on the table too, i understand! i much preferred it to the beds higher up that were cupboards that opened up or something, they scared me.

    i love the piece, the addition of the flame at one end is perfect!

  2. When I went to Mexico with my friend we had to sleep on the same kind of bed in the camper. Doesn't sound strange to me at all.

    You're featured on Facebook Fan Friday today.



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