Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Swan Dive: Creating fun[ction]!

clayswan on Etsy satisfies just about every quirky nook and cranny in my mind when it comes to pottery and kitchen-wares. Lyn Swan, the woman behind these richly colored delights, has created a fantastic assortment of Fiesta-inspired pots, cups, and dishware for the electic and effervescent personalities out there. I've written about my love of Fiesta-inspired tableware before, even! I'm seriously in love with this concept.

I particularly love the way many of her pieces come almost feel like they couldn't be water-tight simply because you see the clay overlaps and the divots and folds that create the stability, but they are! I personally prefer an imperfect one-of-a-kind piece over a run of the mill, manufactured accessory anyway! The handles on her mugs look like they'd slip onto your finger like a ring, and there's nothing better than accessorizing yourself with a hot cup of tea or cocoa instead of a criminally-acquired diamond, right! Swan has also created an assortment of serving trays, from small to large, with the most fantastic textures and colors. Bubble wrap in chartreuse...SIGN ME UP!

Another favorite part of the clayswan collection are the little pots and jars she's created for things like "olives" and "pits" and "junk". Brilliant! I think the logical next steps include "shrimp" and "tails", "artichokes" and "petals" (is that what they're called?), and just about any other awkward finger food you'd find at a cocktail party.

The cherry on the top of this pottery sundae are her prices, which are completely affordable! I've put together a few of my favorites here and I highly suggest you head on over to clayswan to see more of her fantastic work!

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  1. oh they are GORGEOUS!

    i have a serious love of pottery pieces, even though they all seem to be naturey, and clash terribly with my love of kitsch and bright plastic goodies. these are clay AND they still match my kitchen stuff!


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