Friday, June 5, 2009

Favorites: Fine Art Gone Felty

One of my favorite Etsy sellers, Stellalola, has integrated a new line of products to her already exciting and adorable selection of products. Stellalola is known, at least to me, for her quirky, tongue-in-cheek, quasi-literal artistic interpretations of common food and object sayings. Pillow fights, Can(ned) Can(ned) Yams, and In The Navy (Beans) are just a few of the fine art canvases that you can pick up to decorate your home for a very, very reasonable price in her shop! She graciously donated a Football Buddies print to my giveaway a few months ago, and I have one of her Cupcake Conga Line prints hanging in my crafty area. She uses simple lines and neutral/pastel colors that fit with a variety of decors, including vintage looks, nursuries and even mid-century modern styles.

I was beyond delighted when she e-mailed me to share her new line with me...hand-stitched felt interpretations of her canvases! I literally screeched with delight.

Priced at $35-$40 each, these ingenius felt creations are honest and clear likenesses of their canvas brethren. While probably not the best gifts for little kids, I can definitely see these perched on a bookshelf or in a curio cabinet in just about any room of the house. One of the best services Stellalola offers, beyond her superior products and fantastic customer service, is the opportunity for her customers to skim through her sold items and special order a previously sold creation. This is excellent news indeed...the Conga Line Cupcake plush is on my list!


  1. Hiya, I nominated your blog for a One Lovely Blog Award. You can find out about it on my blog. Have a lovely day!

  2. Those are so cute! They each look like they have their own personality. Hard to do that with felt and thread!


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