Saturday, June 20, 2009

Oh Hello: What? I have a real job!

What the hell have I been doing lately?

Well, I'll tell you. I had oral surgery, had some complications from oral surgery, worked through most of it, went to Pride with my awesome and amazing Queer Crafter Collective, pondered the meaning of Etsy and all of my curmudgeonly critiques of the crafter community, made 15 dozen cookies, became re-aquainted with the deliciousness that is homemade iced tea, developed a bit of a cough and worked some more. Y'all, I'm worn out.

There were quite a few comments made in the Ponderings post about Etsy and my recommendation of a disclaimer, and I want to just state for the record that I appreciate every single one of them, and that I'm still considering all of them including my perspectives on things. My feelings and thoughts on the matter are certainly not firmly planted in any sort of negativity or cynicism. I am more than willing to listen and grow and even change my perspective. So thank you for shining light on new points of view and thoughts and trust that I will have more to share and say about the subject soon!

Capital Pride with my Queer Crafter Collective friends was wildly reaffirming. There are moments when I question my ability to be committed to so many things...this blog, my shop, doing the dishes. But being involved in Pride was such a valuable and significant reminder that this is something great. Why do we need a QCC? Well, contrary to popular belief, queer people don't exclusively make things with rainbows embedded in them. Sometimes queer people aren't necessarily visible and this is a group dedicated to bring visibility to queer artists and crafters, because what we do isn't necessarily mainstream. Here's a few pictures from the day.

I've started a new project which I may or may not sell. Mostly, I'm motivated to do it because it excites me and I don't know if I'll be able to part with it. It's a continuation of the little pieces of Cubicle Art I've been making, with a kitchen/culinary theme. I'm going to take relatively similar, somewhat dimensional, pieces of kitchenware and stitch them on various sizes of fabric, framed with embroidery hoops. Each image will also have the word for the item stitched near it. I was telling Em that I was worried my first piece was too morbid, but I thought it'd be easy so I went with it. Trust me! There's a whisk, measuring cups, teakettle and other very sweet and innocent things in the future! What do you guys think?

[Insert: Slasher movie soundtrack here]

And finally, I have a little treat from my mom. She sent me this picture today after I insisted on seeing her latest baked work of art. Every ounce of baking talent and interest I have can be attributed to my mom. I mean, look at this! This is ART.

Seamus says hello to one and all, too. You are more than welcome to check out the pictures and videos we've compiled at his Flickr Stream. He's tried Frosty Paws, had his first Pride and has already gnawed on my beautiful Crate & Barrel leaning bookshelves. Oh, what a cherub.

Happy Weekend.


  1. the Cleaver cuticle art is awesome!

  2. Yum, that challah looks delicious!

    Hope you are feeeling better and recovered from your surgery.

  3. this is all just wonderful! i really admire how involved you are, and yet how much you put into each and every thing you do. you're the best!

    the qcc display is AMAZING!

    i second the comments about feeling better post oral surgery. oof!

    i love the cleaver art because on the sopranos, christopher's movie project is a mafia slasher movie called cleaver. too funny! can't wait to see the adorable whisk!

    mini hugs and kisses!

  4. I adore the cleaver. Seriously awesome.


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