Friday, June 5, 2009

Vintage Friday: Buckle Up for Sexy!

I have two gay boyfriends who make it a priority to rock sexy and fierce belt buckles regularly. Some of them are modern designs, shaped like underpants and with suggestive phrases, and others are vintage and filled with fantastic butch imagery like cowboys, trusty steeds and eagles. As an accessory, belt buckles have wandered in and out of popularity, but in many places they are making a resurgence amongst young, urban folks...I believe they are colloquially called "hipsters". Nevertheless, it doesn't take much more than a waist, some pants (or a skirt) and an ironic sense of novelty to draw attention to your mid-line with a fantastic belt buckle. I like to consider them modern-day cod pieces.

Whether you swagger like John Travolta in Urban Cowboy, or John Wayne in any of his movies, or you rock one with skinny jeans and an ironic t-shirt, belt buckles are a fabulous way to accessorize. Vintage belt buckles are especially wonderful and can be dressed up or down depending on the construction and color. Perfect conversation pieces, or homing beacons if the light strikes them just right, the belt buckles I've featured in today's Vintage Friday suit just about every personality type I can imagine. And if you aren't a belt buckle kind of person, consider "upcycling" them into accessories! Belt buckles can be used to embellish bags, turned into jewelry or even home decor.

1. Vintage Wooden Belt Buckle - $16 // 2. Vintage Porcelain Belt Buckle Portrait - $59
3. Vintage Centennial Bedazzled Belt Buckle - $42.50 // 4. Vintage STAN Brass Belt Buckle - $10

Do you need some tips on how to effectively walk with a studly belt buckle? Please fast forward to approximately 3:44 on this clip. It is perhaps the most important tutorial in American cinematic history.


  1. Do you have any recommendations for etsy folk/other sellers for these types of belts? I've always wanted to hop on the belt buckle bandwagon but I don't have that style of belt!

  2. I've found it hard to find belt blanks on Etsy, probably because I don't know what they're called necessarily, and what I have tried has come up fruitless.

    There are reclaimed rubber belt blanks:

    I've worked with Etsy seller Radcow for leather accessories before, and I imagine she'd be happy to make a custom belt:

    I also found this site with inexpensive stuff:

    There might also be some really awesome finds in the vintage section of Etsy and also in thrift shops. You can also find sturdy ribbon and construct your own; it might also be something a tailor can help you make. Finally, hunting supply stores will probably sell belt blanks, and even though I cringe at the thought, I bet Wal-Mart even has a selection to choose from.

  3. For cool inexpensive yet statement belt buckles, visit


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