Monday, July 27, 2009

Left on a jet plane: Came back again

Given that my life over the past five or so years has gone from bad to great, I [almost] without reservation believe that things happen for a reason. Whether it's the sympathetic nod of a stranger on the bus or a dramatic shift in living space or work, I'm confident that there is something to be learned from everything life hands me. When I suggested to my mom that I come visit while my aunts, her sisters, were in town, I did so without truly thinking about how it could benefit me. Now, I'm no martyr or saint, but I genuinely wanted to help my mom through a long family visit as much as possible. I also knew that reuniting with my aunts would be a fun and exciting experience, especially as I transition into my 30s in just over a week. Once upon a time, I found family draining and difficult, but as I've grown more certain of myself, I have found them to be uniquely restorative and grounding in really profound ways.

It should have, given this, come a no surprise to me that upon my return from the hot hot heat of Arizona, I'd feel more settled than I have in many months. There's been so much tumult in my head and heart about crafts, work, this blog, friends and even just myself. I have set many unfair and unattainable goals for myself and I've classified their completion in terms of optimism versus pessimism, never once considering that not completing a goal might be just what I need rather than an example of failure. My mom works so hard at keeping her home, satisfying herself with baking, crafting, mending and her papercraft/scrapbooking endeavors. She involves herself as much as she can, or wants, and doesn't get involved in cliques and groups of people who don't feed her soul.

It's with that in mind that I'm giving myself a break. I've closed up Oh Ginger on Etsy for a the foreseeable future and while I will try to post as regularly as I can or want here at Queering Domesticity, I can't make any promises. The coming weeks and months will be filled with Seamus loving, keeping house, visiting with friends and family, cooking, baking and crafting for friends (and me...I never craft for me!). I guess you could call this self-imposed Summer Camp. I'll be by the campfire, making s'mores and singing camp songs. Follow your bliss, right?

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  1. i just reached thirty a few weeks ago and i tell ya, it IS indeed a transition. im FInally starting to view myself as an adult. Sumthing i was never in a hurry to have to do. while the responsibilty and maturity scared me a bit, its also awesome realizing that my life is truly in MY hands. Like, i can will it to succeed by trying or fail by being complacent. i know im rambling, just a random thought


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