Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Levity: Political Analogies

It has come to my attention that often, when one is angry, they are not often regarded as having a sense of humor. Recently this has been the case at Food Network Humor, where the assclam editors make a living off of teasing Food Network stars and guests in a variety of ways; there preferred methods of teasing generally revolve around race, sexual orientation, gender identity, body type/size, education, intellect, fashion and addiction. Those ladies sure are a riot, and it shouldn't surprise you that I would rather eat a shat upon leather shoe from 1864 before I found any of their bigoted "humor" funny. Now, there are some people who are tit-for-tat arguers. They're the folks who want you to come back with an equally lengthy, sassy, 25 cent world filled reaction to what they've said or done in order to prove your argumentative viability. Pffffffft. I do what any self-respecting humorless feminist does and I report their image thievery to the legal department at Food Network.

Nevertheless, and back to the point, I'm hilarious AND I love to laugh. I've been committed to listening to the Judge Sonia Sotomayor hearings the past two days, and will listen through to the end if I can, because it's a rather momentous occasion, don't you think? But I can't help but get distracted with the Republicans. For some reason, my brain immediately began finding TV personalities to associate their voices and manners of speaking (and faces) with...I suppose it must be Al Franken, who many years ago mocked the Supreme Court Justice nominations proceedings on Saturday Night Live.

Today we've heard from Jeff Sessions, whose middle name is Beauregard. That's very fancy, right? Naturally I compared him to Leslie Jordan's character on Will & Grace, Beverly Leslie. A Southern, conservative, seemingly-closeted, constipated little man who managed to make everyone giggle despite being deep in denial and oh-so-politically-incorrect.

Secondly, we have a double analogy. If only I could use this one retroactively to score that much higher (read: lower) on my SATs. The ENTIRE time Utah's Orrin Hatch spoke, I was completely uncomfortable. He had this deep, mono- yet scolding tone and I couldn't figure out why this skeeved me out so much. While considering the reasons why a scary Republican Mormon named Orrin would terrify me, I began to grow giddy with excitement about the inquisition we're all expecting from South Carolina's Lindsey Graham. That man is ridiculous, and I'm sure that he's got Beverly Leslie-esque "business associates" much like our friend Jeff Sessions seems to have. Who on Earth could I compare him to? As luck would have it, my commitment to popular television, specifically the HBO series Big Love provided the perfect comparisons. I give you, The Greene meets Hatch-Graham Analogy.

Lindsey Graham is to Selma Greene as Hollis Greene is to Orrin Hatch

I assure you, dear readers, I do have a sense of humor and I engage it quite regularly. I also do not spend every waking moment thinking about how much Etsy enrages me, nor do I spend every moment thinking about my blog, my business or my craft. More than anything, this post should illuminate WHY I get enraged about those topics WHEN I do...because I care about the world around me, the people who are calculatedly attempting to corrupt it, and how I can educate myself to be part of the difference.

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