Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Autumn Sale @ Oh Ginger

Please stop by the shop and pick up a few pretties - for yourself or friends! I'm offering a 25% discount on everything in the store to celebrate the brisk autumn weather currently blowing in.

Simply use the coupon code APPLECIDER when you check out and the discount will be automatically applied. This sale will continue through Wednesday October 14th, and I plan on restocking as much as possible between now and then, so check back often!

If you have questions, please e-mail me!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Introducing: The autumnal equinox

Well, folks. We've finally made it. Now it's time to escort the hot and humid weather out the door and welcome in the crisp, cool fall weather. It's time for cowls, scarves and hoodies. It's time for apples, pumpkins and hot cocoa. Though the song is a bit on the sad side, it's Nat King Cole doing what he does best - please enjoy and expect a warm and fuzzy post very soon.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Covering the walls.

As we slowly but surely cover the walls of our middle-to-small sized apartment with a collaborative assortment of meaningful pictures and prints, I remain steadfastly committed to finding fabulous things that can't be bought in stores. It's so hard to find things that are off the beaten path, especially when you don't have any room to pop up a temporary art studio in your living space, or any outdoor places (that belong to you) if you want to paint a larger reclaimed piece. Here are some of my favorite recent finds. Some are larger, some are smaller. All have a special nook somewhere in your living space that suits them just perfectly, I'm sure.

Think outside of the box, too, when it comes to displaying your pieces. Most of these prints and paintings are affordable, which means as your mood or aesthetic shifts, you can easily swap them out for something new. One of my favorite methods for hanging pictures is the clip, as show in the gicle print of "O Chalet" below. Another brilliant method was recently featured in Ladies & Gentleman Home - use your grandpa's old pants hangers to display images in really lovely ways.

Coffee Love - $5.50

Next up: A compromise in the bedroom and a sampling of vintage samplers

GIVEAWAY: Please be neat!

When I was a kid, I spent so many summers and weekends at my maternal grandparent's home, affectionately called "The Depot". My grandmother, Nanny, was born and raised in NYC and the daughter of immigrant French parents. I never fully grasped the intensity of her Southern transition until she was long passed and I was much older; she must've, somehow, gone from relatively cosmopolitan (if her teenage pictures were any indication) to practically rural very quickly upon marrying my son-of-a-farmer grandfather. She embraced the Southern aesthetic, for the most part, and always had a chiding and sarcastic sense of humor.

At The Depot, before the log cabin was built, my grandparents made a large warehouse-esque garage into a home by adding all of the necessary facilities, including a gas stove and a bathroom with minimal insulation. Nanny's sense of humor never faltered, from what I remember, and the bathroom was host to a hilarious assortment of accents. She had a bundle of dried corn husks that were labeled with "toilet paper" and a version of what you see in the images in this post.

Folks, potty humor is something I inherited from both of my lineages. And to carry on this tradition, I would like to offer this fantastic cross-stitched piece of restroom hilarity on to you. The piece, which I stitched all by myself over the past few weeks when I had some spare moments, is 5"x7", framed in a black wood frame waiting to be hung or displayed somewhere in your home. Please leave a comment on this post and tell me where you'll hang the Tinkle Sprinkle piece in your home. I'll choose a winner NEXT THURSDAY September 24th, around midnight. I will ship internationally - this piece needs a good home!

Please note: I do not appreciate people traveling to my blog from giveaway message boards. I will track visitors and if I suspect that you've come in on the wings of some giveaway-bot, your entry will be unceremoniously deleted unless you provide a compelling reason to stick around. Thems the breaks, folks.

Back in the saddle again.

Well, folks. It's been about two months since I wrote anything of consequence here, and while I have missed it, I will admit that it has also been a great way to recenter. Interestingly enough, I've done more domestic growing, learning and playing in those past two months then I really ever did while QD was in it's relative prime. I don't know why, but it has helped me realign my priorities and find peace with some things. Instead of waxing poetic about why I left and why I returned, I'm just going to return.

Today I repotted my entire indoor garden. I bought a few plants from IKEA last year and they've thrived, relatively speaking. I don't even know what most of them are called; I just water and groom them by instinct. We also have an aloe plant which has re-rooted itself five times since last year - so now we have five little healthy and growing aloe babies! I bought myself a small jade plant last night, as a special gift to myself. I also trimmed an overgrown pothos and planted some of its trimmings that I rooted a few weeks ago. Hopefully my babies will transition well in their new pots and soil. While I don't really believe I have a green thumb, I feel like houseplants are so important in a home. Not only do they help the air just a little bit, but they encourage routine and roots in your living space.

Finally, I'm going to try to reserve my more serious and personal blogging for Heirloom Tomato, which will have a link in the sidebar very soon.

Next up: a giveaway and pretty things for your walls
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