Friday, September 18, 2009

Covering the walls.

As we slowly but surely cover the walls of our middle-to-small sized apartment with a collaborative assortment of meaningful pictures and prints, I remain steadfastly committed to finding fabulous things that can't be bought in stores. It's so hard to find things that are off the beaten path, especially when you don't have any room to pop up a temporary art studio in your living space, or any outdoor places (that belong to you) if you want to paint a larger reclaimed piece. Here are some of my favorite recent finds. Some are larger, some are smaller. All have a special nook somewhere in your living space that suits them just perfectly, I'm sure.

Think outside of the box, too, when it comes to displaying your pieces. Most of these prints and paintings are affordable, which means as your mood or aesthetic shifts, you can easily swap them out for something new. One of my favorite methods for hanging pictures is the clip, as show in the gicle print of "O Chalet" below. Another brilliant method was recently featured in Ladies & Gentleman Home - use your grandpa's old pants hangers to display images in really lovely ways.

Coffee Love - $5.50

Next up: A compromise in the bedroom and a sampling of vintage samplers

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