Friday, September 18, 2009

GIVEAWAY: Please be neat!

When I was a kid, I spent so many summers and weekends at my maternal grandparent's home, affectionately called "The Depot". My grandmother, Nanny, was born and raised in NYC and the daughter of immigrant French parents. I never fully grasped the intensity of her Southern transition until she was long passed and I was much older; she must've, somehow, gone from relatively cosmopolitan (if her teenage pictures were any indication) to practically rural very quickly upon marrying my son-of-a-farmer grandfather. She embraced the Southern aesthetic, for the most part, and always had a chiding and sarcastic sense of humor.

At The Depot, before the log cabin was built, my grandparents made a large warehouse-esque garage into a home by adding all of the necessary facilities, including a gas stove and a bathroom with minimal insulation. Nanny's sense of humor never faltered, from what I remember, and the bathroom was host to a hilarious assortment of accents. She had a bundle of dried corn husks that were labeled with "toilet paper" and a version of what you see in the images in this post.

Folks, potty humor is something I inherited from both of my lineages. And to carry on this tradition, I would like to offer this fantastic cross-stitched piece of restroom hilarity on to you. The piece, which I stitched all by myself over the past few weeks when I had some spare moments, is 5"x7", framed in a black wood frame waiting to be hung or displayed somewhere in your home. Please leave a comment on this post and tell me where you'll hang the Tinkle Sprinkle piece in your home. I'll choose a winner NEXT THURSDAY September 24th, around midnight. I will ship internationally - this piece needs a good home!

Please note: I do not appreciate people traveling to my blog from giveaway message boards. I will track visitors and if I suspect that you've come in on the wings of some giveaway-bot, your entry will be unceremoniously deleted unless you provide a compelling reason to stick around. Thems the breaks, folks.


  1. Yay! My mom has two of these at our house in NC. The first one has this saying and a picture of a little boy. The second is a little girl and says, "No job is finished until the paperwork is done!" Sometimes I think bathroom etiquette/cleanliness stereotyping is painfully accurate.

  2. My grandmother had a wooden plaque with that saying on it! So many fun memories of the odd things found in the bathrooms of the 70s (my fave was an ashtray in the shape of a toilet with a working toilet seat lid).

    I would hang this in my bathroom of course - right above the toilet paper roll thingy.

  3. heheheh! it's cute!



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