Tuesday, October 13, 2009

All I want for Christmas...

Last night I sweetly and patiently asked Santa Claus (AKA My Mom) if (s)he was taking Christmas Lists this year, as the economy has been shit and 'tis better to ask than to presume! Santa gave a resounding "Ho ho oh yes!" and now I'm scouring my brain and bookmarks for ideas. What a genuine stroke of luck to have this turn up as a shared item in my Google Reader from my pal Leigh. Made in England is the brain child of a mustachioed chap named Cookie, who also happens to be a freelance illustrator, designer and "occasional adventurer". To say that I love his vintage-inspired characters and style is QUITE the understatement.

Cookie has created what every Santa needs - a worksheet filled out by the gift recipient with vital information such as size, color and style preferences. He offers them up for boys and girls (anatomical illustrations too, no doubt!), though we all know that's certainly interchangeable (ahem). Download the PDFs for free at his site by clicking here. Thanks Cookie for making ridiculously awesome stuff!

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