Thursday, October 22, 2009

Give me the eraser.

I just fought with a work-friend over a beautiful, brand new eraser and I was reminded of my fierce, and sometimes unhealthy and expensive, love affair with office supplies. Fortunately, I've never been charged with ordering office supplies, but as Disnazzio can attest, it is quite a wonderful and reckless honor. Some of the country's best labor lawyers are writing in style thanks to her superb taste.

Since I lost the "gimme the eraser" battle, I will have to transfer my office accessory lust to other venues. Lately, I've grown increasingly fond of the number of shops popping up that manage to meld vintage finds with recently created, designer complements. As far as home decor is concerned, Three Potato Four is top notch. Their shop is so inspiring. More recently however, and in line with my office supply lust, I discovered Present & Correct. Based out of the UK, this graphic design firm turned print shop turned vintage shop turned shop for fantastic work from designers worldwide is the beesknees. With endless pages of fantastic treasures to flip through, you can turn your cubicle, home office or even just your cozy desk in the corner into a fantastic homage to style and substance.

Present & Correct has everything you might need - globes, vintage Bob's Big Boy burger wrappers, handy craft books, fabulous notebooks, writing utensils and even a large assortment of kid-friendly finds. I'm particularly smitten with their exclusive designs - greeting cards are indeed my weakness. I imagine I will be filling up a shopping cart with a number of their originals very, very soon.

Present & Correct also has an Etsy shop!

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  1. I've been loving Three Potato Four now for quite some time. Thanks to you, though, I'm going to be up an extra hour looking through Present & Correct's site. Damn you, woman.


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