Sunday, October 4, 2009

Reviving a classic : The Brooch

As the season for smart wool (wool blend - I won't judge) coats, structured jackets and even sturdy sweaters approaches, it's time for us to start thinking about how we're going to accessorize! Wow, that last sentence could not have been any gayer.

I make, and love, necklaces and I encourage you to continue buying them, but I've noticed a trend over the past few years that at first disinterested me, but something that I'm now falling in love with...The Brooch. There is a fantastic assortment of brooches available in just about every imaginable place - you can spend hours in thrift shops and antique markets combing through the dusty old selections, visit craft sites and shop from vintage and handmade selections, or even visit mainstream shops and find a unique assortment of choices. Some folks keep the same brooch pinned to their lapel for an entire season, whereas other folks change it up on a weekly or daily basis. Brooches are also great, speaking as someone with a neck that is far from dainty, because they accessorize the top half of your body without strangling you. Color and interest are close to your face, without having to spend extra money on longer chains or designer edits.

I've collected a lovely assortment of brooches here - they are all generally affordable or easy for you to recreate on your own!

Rosebud Pin Corsage/Brooch by Heart of Light - $18
Yellow is slowly becoming one of my favorite colors - this season and in general. I'm especially smitten with this marigold shade, which is a bold contrast to the soft and delicate rosebuds Heart of Light has created in this stunning brooch.

In the Trees brooch by Little Shop Of - $20
Trees glorious trees! Without going so far as to say I'm a treehugger, I will say that I love trees. This is a fantastic bamboo and acrylic homage to one of my favorite parts of nature, with a sweet little chickadee on the branch.

Orange Contrast Brooch by A Alicia - £25
This handcrafted felt brooch is STUNNING. I absolutely love the clementine orange color paired with a warm heather gray. It's high time this shade of orange get it's due respect, outside of the fall football circuit!

Alpha Lock Brooch by Spissa - $35
For Class A nerds, this brooch is simple and assertive. Afraid to tell your boss you mean business? Attach this subtle hint to your cardigan and show them who's boss! Check out all of Spissa's vintage key brooches here.

I Feel Sassy brooch by Emelia Ro - $40
I imagine the moment Em sees this brooch, she'll get it for me for Christmas (*wishing hoping*). I'm terribly sassy, a trait I'm told was directly passed down from my mother. What a hilarious memo to all the folks you encounter on a daily basis.

French Brocade Recycled Plate Brooch by The Broken Plate - $30
The Broken Plate does a stunning job of pairing vintage plates with simple and stunning components. This new addition to the collection is no different - a detailed vintage celluloid frame features a lovely oval eggplant plate interior. See The Broken Plate's full assortment of brooches here.

Eye Chart Brooch by Tilly Bloom - $15
Catch wandering eyes in action with this hilarious and Victorian-inspired brooch/pin. I highly recommend you take a moment to check out Tilly Bloom, who has an awesome assortment of brooches available here.

Maple Leaf Brooch by dandelion blu - $50
Dandelion Blu's necklaces and brooches are stunning interpretations of awe-inspiring treasures in nature. A few years ago, I picked up one of her oak brooches for my mother, as a reminder of the autumn in Virginia. This maple leaf could be a smaller, delicate complement to a warm fuzzy sweater or simple gray wool coat!

Acorn Felt brooch by Lupin - $13
Felt! One of my favorites! Lupin has just about everything found in nature stitched up neatly with little bits of felt. I'm particularly smitten with acorns these days, and this affordable brooch is no exception!

Acrylic Balloon Dog by Another Empire - $20
Balloon animals are ingrained in the memory of most everyone I know, and this petite pooch made of jet black acrylic is a modern and refined version of the squeaky carnival souvenir. Bring a smile to the face of people at a cocktail party with a youthful spirit and a genuine sense of humor.


  1. Thanks for including me in your lovely roundup!

  2. i love brooches. i only wish there was a way to affix them without putting holes in things.


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