Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sponsors, Fabulous Sponsors!

Hello Everyone. As you see laid out to your right, I have a small assortment of friends and crafters who have been featured as sponsors on my blog for almost four months now. I believe in handmade and I'm proud to support it, so I thought I'd ask a few folks if they were interested in promoting themselves on my blog for a while. I'm still interested in doing this, but I don't have the time to dedicate to monthly rollovers, money, or even design. I genuinely just want people I love to have the chance for a little bit of wholesome advertising on my big gay blog.

Round of applause to the troopers (*claps*):
As we start the push into the holiday season, I want to open up this opportunity to more folks, specifically crafters and artists. Try as I might, I can't promise a ton of traffic. I am blogging about 3-5 times per week and I publicize my posts on Twitter and Facebook. This sponsorship opportunity will last for TWO MONTHS - from November 1st through New Year's Day!

I can promise you the following:
  • a free advertising space on Queering Domesticity, designed by you (or me, if you're absolutely desperate), that will last from November 1st through New Year's Day!
  • one free post, with more than just a few sentences, highlighting your awesomeness as a sponsor and with whatever you do (by the way: if you sing, I expect you to serenade me so I can talk about it)
  • one beautiful thank you card (hand-written by yours truly) with one dozen holiday cookies mailed to your address before the end of the year (I'm serious)
In return, I'll ask the following of you:
  • one fantabulous ad - please make it 200px wide x 150px high
  • one item from your line-up of products for a giveaway on Queering Domesticity in early December
Please send your e-mail to me before October 30th and provide the following information:
  • Your name & shop name
  • Web address
  • Favorite cookie (I can't make promises, but it's nice to know)
  • The ad you'd like to use
  • A quick description of why you'd be a nice fit at QD and what you'll offer for the giveaway
That's it! Really! I will accept 10 sponsors and notify you on Halloween - it won't be a trick, it'll be a treat. Promise!

[my e-mail is oh.meaghan (a) gmail (dot) com]

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