Friday, October 23, 2009

Super sale @ This Chickadee!

Need to protect your great grandma's handmade coffee table? Forget to slide a coaster underneath your overnight glass of water on the nightstand? Looking for a handy and handmade host/hostess gift? This Chickadee has what you need!

Head on over to the little shop o' Chickadee for a SUPER SALE on her handmade, cute-as-a-button coasters - 4/packs for $12 each! What a steal! As a special incentive to Chickadee shoppers, I'm offering a super secret discount code for a one time only Oh Ginger purchase! If you buy stuff from Chickadee, you can get 20% off an Oh Ginger shopping spree. Just purchase a set (or two!) of coasters and leave a comment here on this post (with your e-mail address if it's not obvious) and I'll mail you your special discount code post haste!

The Oh Ginger household has numerous Chickadee products and I must say - she stitches more love into these things than you could even possibly imagine!

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