Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The BEST apple?

NPR did a taste test recently to determine the apple that most skillfully and deliciously tolerated heat. Growing up in Virginia, there was no contest - any apple that came off the tree at a orchard was ten times better than a store bought apple, and Granny Smiths are overdone and too tart! While the NPR taste test results yielded an admiral result, the Honeycrisp, I have to tell you...the best apple to nosh on or bake with will always, ALWAYS be the Stayman-Winesap. Available as one or the other or a heritage varietal, these apples are top notch and my autumns never feel complete without sinking my teeth into one.


  1. Pippins for me!
    Admittedly, I think our apple selection is a bit smaller here in SoCal, because we don't have many apple growing areas. But Pippins grow locally and I love them for baking.

  2. Oooo, I've never had a Pippin but they sound adorable and delicious!

  3. Totally agree. And they don't taste quite right until that first cold snap.

    For long storage I also like an heirloom variety called Arkansas Black which is believed to be a Winesap varietal. They are very hard and dense and store better than any apples I have ever had. I only came across them last year and usually only see them at the Adams Morgan Farmers Market.


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