Thursday, November 19, 2009

It's a Stitch

[This is one post in a series of twelve posts designed to feature a wildly creative and exciting group of crafters and artisans. Please take a moment to visit the shop featured in this post and all the shops featured on the left and right hand sidebars of my blog. You'll have the opportunity to learn about two fabulous shops a week - just in time to get all of your holiday shopping done. Enjoy!]

It's a treat to find someone, anywhere, with so much genuine and unending enthusiasm and glee about crafting and community. That's what I found a few months ago when I met Malarie, designer and owner of It's A Stitch. Nestled in her little hideaway studio in the wilds of suburban Washington DC, Malarie creates two distinct lines: the first is full of quaint and adorable jewelry and home accessories; the second is sultry and seductive. I can only imagine that in person, Malarie is a very precise combination of all of those qualities. Marry all of this with her ever evolving interest in fashion and style and her top notch photography, and It's a Stitch is a crafter on the move up up up!

It's a Stitch designs combine whimsy with clean lines, which is often hard to come by when navigating Etsy for affordable and unique jewelry. Using vintage and vintage-inspired components, a variety of metals and gemstones, the pieces easily translate from day to night, casual to fancy. Additionally, It's a Stitch offers a line of ever-evolving totes and accessories using an unusual technique - she uses various stencils and bleaches the color from the fabric to highlight the edges and turns them into completely original pieces. Her third very special endeavor is a line of jewelry both gothic and refined in its inspiration. Spooky Chandelier features studs, necklaces and rings in rich, inviting colors. Many of the pieces available at Spooky Chandelier also feature more intricate wire wrapping and stones. And my favorite pieces, the itty bitty studs, come in such lovely deep shades of orange, pink, green and blue. There is quite honestly something for everyone in both shops!

So often the pieces available out in the crafty world are one notes and statement pieces, things that people will notice if you wear them more than once to the office or to class. But It's a Stitch pieces are special in that they have daily appeal. That's a wonderful compliment to Malarie's well-trained eye and her innovative, fresh approach to crafting. Find It's a Stitch and Spooky Chandelier at Etsy, where Malarie is also an active member of the Lab Rats Team. She's working on kick starting her own blog, and she updates regularly at Twitter, sharing a whole slew of interesting and exciting links and tidbits about fashion, music, jewelry and her crafting endeavors. You can also become a fan on Facebook which could prove fruitful in the future if she does another giveaway! I'm looking forward to how It's a Stitch evolves and grows; I'm confident it only gets better from here.


  1. This is so sweet and well written, Meaghan! Thanks again so much :D

  2. Loveee itsastitch and her shops! Awesome write-up. :) Applause!


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