Friday, November 27, 2009

Novelty Kitten

[This is one post in a series of twelve posts designed to feature a wildly creative and exciting group of crafters and artisans. Please take a moment to visit the shop featured in this post and all the shops featured on the left and right hand sidebars of my blog. You'll have the opportunity to learn about two fabulous shops a week - just in time to get all of your holiday shopping done. Enjoy!]

I have had the great fortune of meeting a number of really awesome local crafters over the course of my two and a half year tenure with the Washington DC crafty scene, and Shayne Rioux of Novelty Kitten has been a friend of mine for just about every minute of it. The original founder of the DC Craft Mafia, Shayne has been crafting for years and years and years. Nestled in her Maryland abode with a menagerie of animals and a mythical crafty room that I've only heard about, yet never seen, the things that Shayne turns out is the kind of stuff that makes you giggle maniacally or makes you think, "WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT?" Funny, irreverent, snarky and maybe a little weird, Novelty Kitten is chock full of stocking stuffers and last minute impulse items that will please friends, loved ones and all of your sarcastic buds.

Using every crafter's favorite machine, the Gocco printer, as well as a number of other mediums, Novelty Kitten boasts a bevy of inspirational delights. Recently, Shayne has added a number of vintage image collections perfect for mixed media collages; she's even gone to the trouble of grouping them by theme! I can imagine turning them into a series of snarky greeting cards, especially the images from the Handsome Gentlemen series (mostly with mustaches!). She also carries an ever-expanding line of 1" pins, perfect for hats, backpacks or your lapel. Everything from commentary on gnomes, to a jiggly homage to canned cranberry sauce, to Peeps and succinctly expressed apathy - there's something for everyone. Novelty Kitten features a line of silly and irreverent paper products, too! Periodic Table of Monsters, Express Your Apathy Cards (I handed out a few to coworker recently and was met with UPROARIOUS laughter), and even eggs in party hats! There are times when I'd like to climb into Shayne's brain, settle down in a lawn chair and watch things happen. It's always exciting.

Whether you're shopping for your nerdy brother, a precocious kid, your grumpy sister in law or even for a White Elephant-style work gift exchange, just about everyone I know would be pleased to own a treat from Novelty Kitten. The fact that I know the woman behind the craft only enhances my love for the entire line of products. She's a true and loyal friend with a fabulous sense of humor. Want to win her over? Send her something gnome related - she shoots through the roof! I can't recommend Novelty Kitten enough, and I hope you swing by and grab a few things to turn your holidays into a giggling groan fest.

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