Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What is all this for, you ask?

I suppose that a number of people are curious about this onslaught of crafter review posts and why I've dedicated myself to sharing their work with you. Well, if you missed the original post, this is my first test group of sponsors and I couldn't be more pleased with the folks who chose to share their time and work with Queering Domesticity and its readers. One of the components of my arrangement with these enormous talents is that we'd work together to pull a giveaway together for you. And that's the point. I'm having a giveaway! A HUGE GIVEAWAY!

[click to embiggen]

Check back here at QD the morning of December 1st for all the details and pictures. You won't believe what I have in store for you. The giveaway sign up will last a week and the winner will get all of the amazing treasures just in time for the winter holidays. Thanks to my lovely sponsors and to my readers for inspiring me!

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  1. followed a link from Kathy at the GarbologistsWife - love your blog! :)


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