Thursday, December 10, 2009

Make Christmas, Not War!

A long while ago, Etsy featured seller Bunny with a Toolbelt for all the world to see. I immediately signed up for her Twitter feed and started following her blog, because any woman who proudly carves/whittles wood into quirky and colorful designs with a hilariously humorous edge AND a universal commitment to appealing to people of all ilks (she'll make gay wedding cake toppers, y'all) is my kind of crafter!

Her Christmas/holiday pieces only amplify my adoration of her work. Nothing will get a rowdy, politicallly-minded person like myself all amped up more than picketing Christmas people! I am pro rum ball and I vote, too! With hilarious quips and phrases hand painted onto signs (or you can write your own), Bunny with a Toolbelt's line of wood carved Yuletide Activists (priced anywhere from $40-$60) warm my fuzzy, cantankerous, gay and social justice-oriented soul. Santas who want more cookies, SPEAK OUT!


  1. I have LOVED bunny with a toolbelt ever since I layed eyes upon her giraffe wedding cake toppers.

    More cookies, indeed!

  2. Thanks so much for writing about my Santas! There's one I thought you should especially know about: "We're here, with cheer, get used to it." (I loved coming up with that one.....)


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