Thursday, December 10, 2009

Put a vest on it.

Shortly before Em and I started dating, I was shopping in Lane Gyant (née Lane Bryant) and found a cute brown fitted down-filled vest that zipped up and was pretty darn comfortable. Until that point, as a fully-nourished woman about town, I had not found a down vest that either accompanied my girth or my bosom...or both. And as any good lumbergay* can attest, down vests are amazingly comfortable, warm and practical. Last year I was doing some online browsing and shopping when I realized that Lands' End offered a down vest in plus sizes. And not only did they offer this vest in plus sizes, but they offered in DIFFERENT COLORS. Gone were the days of covering myself up in soul-shriveling black, gray and brown wool blends. I could be as bold and puffy as the soul within me wanted to be! I picked up a bright Kelly green vest and haven't taken it off since (even though one of the snaps was ripped off when it got caught in a door frame last winter).

I decided I needed a new vest this year and picked up the color you see featured above, called Iris, for the bargain price of $27.00. There aren't many places my fellow plump folks can find deals like that, especially for outerwear. The color is so rich and bright, and the cut is simple and clean without embroidery, embellishments or annoying closures. I genuinely don't want to take it off. Em asked me the other morning if I was going to wear a jacket with sleeves at all this winter, especially because we are going to Boston just after Christmas, but I don't plan on taking this off until April rolls around.

* See what I did there? That's called BRILLIANCE!


  1. Imagine that vest in a coat that covers you from hood to mid-calf and that is my winter coat. Exact same color and it's wonderfully warm.

  2. i am also a great big fan of the vest. core comfort!

  3. I have a great one that's fleece on the inside and some kind of water repellent stuff on the outside - but it can be reversed! I'm not woman enough to wear the big puffy thing though. I aspire...


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